Our board worked hard from the first day that they were elected, to improve our section to become more reliable and sustainable section,to show advantages of unity in diversity.

They are obviously glad and pleased that to see the results of it at NP'19 İzmir.

Last weekend, our board went to İzmir,attended to NP'19 İzmir to share their own thoughts reviewed entire year with other and voted for the new National Board.

ESN YILDIZ come back from İzmir, shined like a star, with 5 Star Awards,here is the list of them:

MediaStar 1st Place
SeCoStar 1st Place
SeCoStar 2nd Place
WebStar 2nd Place
Best Section 5th Place 

Once again,join us in wishing very sincere congratulations to the board of ESN YILDIZ, you made us proud one more time!

Thank you all!