Did you know that we plan our events monthly, so that you our dearest Erasmus Students and ESNers can prepare yourselves?

This months calender is full with fun and joy.

We will firstly have a Quiz Night on the 6th of March at Camp Istanbul, Taksim-After Party at RITIM in Taksim then on the 9th we will go to Dolmabahçe to get a taste of history. 

On the 13th we will hold a fundraising event and make Frappe for you guys at the Faculty of Economics and Administration Science (Davutpaşa Campus), you can bring clothes, books, notebooks, pens, toys etc. These items will be given to children in need. 

From the 14th until the 17th we will do a trip to Pamukkale and Ephesus with ESN Marmara ESN ITU to experience more of the beauties of Turkey! 

We will have of course a Beer Pong tournament on the 21st at Camp Istanbul, Taksim. 

After our Beer Pong tournament on the 30th we are going hicking at the Belgrad Forest to enjoy some fresh air.

On the last day of March, we will visit the Harbiye Museum which will be another historical experience for all of us!! Hope to see you all in these days together!