Welcome aboard! 
ESN YILDIZ has opened the buddy and committee applications for fall term of 2021-2022! If you want to be part of this lovely family, just click on the links below, answer some questions and submit your application between 11-18 February! 

A Brief Introduction of Our Committees

First of all we want you to know that you can apply to more than one committees at the same time.

Organization Committee (OC)

OC is the committee which is responsible for all the local events such as trips, meetings and daily activities. In this committee we need you to be an active member of our community. Your responsibilities consist:

  • Searching for possible event locations.
  • Arranging,planning and organising events with your team members.
  • Meet up with place owners.
  • Reporting to your committee coordinator.
  • Following our daily,weekly and monthly schedules and analysis of them!

Public Relations Committee (PRC)

PRC is the committee which is responsible for the visual identity and all the social media accounts of ESN YILDIZ. Within the committee there are several volunteering types as social media manager, content creator (banners, posters, etc.), content writer (description for our events), video editor and photographer. Your responsibilties consist:

  • Being able to work as at least 1 of the type we listed above.
  • Attending our events.
  • Creating post desings, content writing before events.
  • Work with your coordinator to improve corporate identity of ESN YILDIZ.
  • Follow our schedule!

Information Technologies Committee (ITC)

ITC is the committee which is responsible for our website and mailing lists. In this committee there are several volunteering types as website editor, admin of mailing list. Your responsibilities consist:

  • Being able to use Drupal or having knowledge about it.
  • Being able to use Android Studio or having knowledge about it.
  • Having access to internet most of the times.
  • Updating the website or the mailing lists.
  • Reporting to your Coordinator.

SocialErasmus(SC) and ExchangeAbility Committee (EA)

SE&EA is the committees which is responsible for all of our the social responsibility projects. Your responsibilities consist:

  • Helping us try to make the world a better place for all the disadvantaged people.
  • Helping us create an accesible environment for these people.
  • Arranging and organizing projects.
  • Creating a sensible environment.
  • Reporting to your Coordinator.

Finance Committee

FICO is the committee which is responsible for all of carrying out the financial issues.Your responsibilities consist:

  • Plan, create and implement long-term strategies.
  • Look after the financial development of the organization with Treasurer.
  • Create and maintain partnership&sponsorship agreements.

Become a Buddy

Are you interested in other cultures and improving your language skills? Or have you just gotten back from a semester abroad and do you wish to continue being part of an international community? Become a buddy! Whether you're a Turkish or an international YTU student who's planning on staying for a longer period of time, as long as you have basic knowledge about the university and the city, you can sign up.

What do we expect from you?

  • Look after 3, 4 International students for a semester or for the entire academic year.
  • Enough knowledge about both daily life in Istanbul and studies in Yildiz Technical University (for instance courses, schedules, social activities).
  • Able to communicate with your buddy in English language.
  • Help to their daily tasks and their mobility during their exchange student programme.

What do you get in return?

  • Practice and improve your language skills.
  • Be part of the biggest student volunteering association in Europe.
  • Participate in events, trips and make friends from ESN sections in Turkey and communicate people from all around the world!

For Committee Applications: https://yildiz.esnturkey.org/content/committee-application-form
For Buddy Applications: https://yildiz.esnturkey.org/content/buddy-application-form