ESN YILDIZ presents you "Nostalgia Day by ESN YILDIZ" event. 
For a long time Istanbul had been the capital of nostalgia. A city devoted to remembrance of things lost with the arrival of the 20th centruy and homogenization and nationalism, and all the other ills of modernity. But now forget all theese things and try to feel the city with us.
Let's feel all theese days which were passed by years years ago, with us. 

We will meet in front of the Şişhane Metro Station on 6th of March at 18:30 o'clock.
Firstly, we wil take a tour through the Istiklal street. And then we will visit 'Emek Sineması' to see old cinema and to watch movie.
And for last, we will end uo the day at İnci Pastanesi to eat some desserts.

Let's share these moments with us on this unforgettable day..

06/03/2018 - 18:30 to 23:00