Hello Guys!

As you all heard about 23'th April "National Sovereignty and Children's Day" is very meaningful day for all of us!

Tomorrow (26.04.2017) we will meet at Ortabahçe (Main Garden) in Davutpaşa Campus and we will do painting without hands! We will try to use brushes with our mouths then we will try to paint. It will be funny for sure and on the other hand it is also raise awarness event for disable people! We can understand how difficult lifes they have!

Weather will be very nice and it is always very nice to hang out on grass with friends :)

We will be waiting for you all! 

You can always contact with Şevval Gökel (+90 539 732 32 04) for any information.

26/04/2018 - 15:30 to 18:30