Are you ready for a totally different experience?

On 27th of March we are going to visit an extraordinary exhibition. This exhibition was particularly designed to give people a new perspective of life. And you can experience the lifesyle and challenges of visually impaired people with it.

"Over the last twenty years Dialogue in the Dark has been presented in more than 30 countries and 130 cities throughout the world since its opening in 1988. More than seven million visitors worldwide have experienced Dialogue in the Dark and thousands of blind guides and trainers have found employment through Dialogue in the Dark."

We are going to meet at Gayrettepe Metro Station at 18.00 and we are looking forward to see you all! 

Price - 33 liras but if you have a GNÇ Turkcell it is 24 liras per person.

For further information please contact us!

Şevval Gökel
ExchangeAbility Coordinator
(+90 539 732 32 04)


27/03/2018 - 18:00 to 20:00